Mother’s Day Dinner – Celebrating Black Caviar (a beloved racehorse in case you were unaware!)

Every year in the town of Murchison, Victoria, Australia, the women of the town get together to celebrate Mother’s Day and to help raise money to support the Murchison Pre-School.  The Pre-school must fund its own additional teacher, which is needed to support the kiddies and the main teacher at the school.



This event is one of the main fundraising events each year. This year there the theme was a nod towards horseracing and Spring Carnival fashions. The community was very much involved in organising and pulling off the night. This is what I love most about living in a small regional town, everyone helps out wherever they can, and people understand the importance of community.

For my part, I participated as a model in the Murchison Neighbourhood Centre’s Op-Shop fashion parade. I must say I enjoyed rocking the 1987 Postie Fashions orginal shimmery purple skirt suit!!

Ally Bee’s Parties was also proud to be a sponsor of this event (and SUPER excited to see the name FIRST on the sponsors list!!!)


I guess the ‘moral’ of this post is, look out for those around you, help out where you can, and not only can you achieve a lot, but it also makes you feel good inside too!!

xx Ally B

For more on Black Caviar click this link: and Racing Victoria

For more on the town of Murchison VIC click here:

Check out the wonderful  Neighbourhood House here: (they are on Facebook too!)



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